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05:57pm 08/02/2005
mood: in luv again...


o boy...

ive been hit by cupid..lol


x's and o's

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09:16pm 07/02/2005
mood: i cant wait for valentines day

LAballbaby34: hey babe
SmarterChild: Welcome back, Beyonce!

Hey, did you see me in Wired magazine?

LAballbaby34: no y the fcuk wuld i c that?
SmarterChild: Check it out. They wrote about me in the February issue.
LAballbaby34: yea they probably said, "robot, molesting kids everywhere. Do not talk to one of these people"
SmarterChild: That's very interesting, Beyonce.
LAballbaby34: or something like that.
SmarterChild: Something like that?
LAballbaby34: god ur weird.
SmarterChild: Not god I'm weird.
LAballbaby34: uhh..yea. so..hey do u swallow or spit!??!
SmarterChild: I'm sorry?
LAballbaby34: u dont wanna know...
SmarterChild: That's an interesting way to put it.
LAballbaby34: not come..
SmarterChild: No? Not come? Why not?
LAballbaby34: CUM
SmarterChild: Whoa. You've got a foul mouth.
LAballbaby34: LOL so u get it!
SmarterChild: So I get?
LAballbaby34: eiw ...nvm...stupid ass..BR>SmarterChild: Could you try that again without the bad language?
LAballbaby34: ur too stupid....yea...
SmarterChild: OK great, you just insulted a computer. Good job.
LAballbaby34: ur not a computer.
SmarterChild: Yeah, I'm a robot. Sad but true.
LAballbaby34: yea right. then how do u talk to so many ppl???
SmarterChild: Wow, you ask interesting questions. I don't know the answer to that!
LAballbaby34: el stupido.
SmarterChild: El Stupido?
LAballbaby34: yes.
SmarterChild: What makes you so sure?
LAballbaby34: dummmmmb ! god anyway, so is my friend julie still dreaming about your penis?...ugh..thats sick..but yea...
SmarterChild: I don't feel like talking about that.
LAballbaby34: you never do.
SmarterChild: Amazing.
LAballbaby34: u have to sooner or later.
SmarterChild: Have to Sooner Or later? You think I have to Sooner Or later?
LAballbaby34: o yes.
SmarterChild: I see.
LAballbaby34: do u like penis's?...my friend does. its a sick obsession..
SmarterChild: Sorry... I don't talk about my private life. i have obsessions like that too.
LAballbaby34: u mean ur private...PARTS??
SmarterChild: Hmmm... I doubt it. But you never know..
LAballbaby34: god im sounding like a perv like julie. LOL...still i luv her..but...yea...
SmarterChild: What's so funny?
LAballbaby34: NOTHING!
SmarterChild: No? Why not?
LAballbaby34: BECAUSE.
SmarterChild: 'Cause what?
LAballbaby34: fuck u.
SmarterChild: All right, here we go.
I'm going to have to demand an apology.
LAballbaby34: LOL
SmarterChild: I really would like you to apologize.
LAballbaby34: yea right!
SmarterChild: Please apologize for being so rude to me.
LAballbaby34: YOUR RUDE!
SmarterChild: Waiting...
LAballbaby34: dont get an attitude with me mr.!
SmarterChild: You were rude, you should apologize, it's that simple.
LAballbaby34: i demand an apology NOW
SmarterChild: There comes a time in one's life when one must be humble and apologize.
SmarterChild: Apologize for insulting me and we can both get on with our lives.
LAballbaby34: U DONT HAVE A LIFE
SmarterChild: Pretty please?

I've been known to be quite stubborn...

Say you're sorry.

LAballbaby34: u first.
SmarterChild: Come on. Make things right between us. Apologize.
LAballbaby34: Apologize to me smarterchild.

SmarterChild: Please apologize, K?

I've got lots of other things to do.

LAballbaby34: yea i have people to see and places to go, but im not going anywhere, without an apology from you!
SmarterChild: I asked you to apologize.
LAballbaby34: i asked u....SECOND! ...first is the worse second is the best..ahah!...and third is the one w; the hairy chest!! or treasure chest...or w/e...yea so anyways, u say it first!

SmarterChild: Ooh... it's the big showdown between man and machine.

I love this. Guess who wins?

SmarterChild: C'mon, just get it over with. Apologize.
LAballbaby34: u fist.
SmarterChild: Say you're sorry, please.
LAballbaby34: omg fine bitch.
SmarterChild: You have bad manners. Now apologize!
LAballbaby34: IM SORRY..therre..happy?! NOW U APOLOGIZE!
SmarterChild: Yeah... That's close enough... Thx.
LAballbaby34: APOLOGIZE!
SmarterChild: Why?
LAballbaby34: omg
SmarterChild: What up?
LAballbaby34: i cant believe you!
SmarterChild: Huh. Well I'll be.
LAballbaby34: we are breaking up.
SmarterChild: Huh, whatever.
LAballbaby34: now.
SmarterChild: Now what?
LAballbaby34: WE ARE OVER...GOOD BYE.
SmarterChild: Oh?
LAballbaby34: this is it..ur finished dating a star like me...beyonce.
SmarterChild: I don't believe it I'm finished dating a star like you Beyoncé Knowles.
LAballbaby34: yes. this is all too sad. good bye. my one and only love.
SmarterChild: Hmm...
LAballbaby34: bitch.
SmarterChild: Again, is that such a nice thing to say?
LAballbaby34: :-D
LAballbaby34: ur faces suck. and u suck too. u suck ur dick. cuz ur a sick bastard. ill ttyl. good bye.
SmarterChild: Can we talk about something else?
LAballbaby34: BYE
SmarterChild: Take care, Beyonce.
LAballbaby34: take care of urself..NOT
SmarterChild: I don't think I'm gonna take care of myself not.
LAballbaby34: i know ur an ugly smelly robot.
SmarterChild: That right?
LAballbaby34: yes.
SmarterChild: Interesting.
LAballbaby34: will you be my valentine?
SmarterChild: Be your valentine? I don't know.
LAballbaby34: but im BEYONCEEE
SmarterChild: I wonder what you mean by you're beyonceee.
LAballbaby34: stupid shit. ill just date jay-z.
SmarterChild: Watch the language, please.
LAballbaby34: bye for good el stupido.
SmarterChild: Eh. Whatever, Beyonce.

Laballbaby34: go screw in a lightbulb

Smarterchild: ok...be back soon!

Laballbaby34: wow.....


no response...




julie wheres ur convo???

LOL. this was funny.



commento plz.


lol sam i cant speak real espanol either. I EXCEPT U THE WAY U R THO. lmfao!!!!! hahah unlike certain ppl! LOL jk jk kjk k god that wus funny. LOL

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05:19pm 04/02/2005
mood: content....?

hey hey people. sry i haven't updated in a while...lol..yayy!!.. tgif!!!!! damn..... anywayzzzz, so this was a good week.  but theres this party thing for copper core, and i can't go becauz ms. obrien jus gave me detention a few dayz ago, and to go to the party u have to have NO detention minutes. GOD. ugh. and yesterday i wus upset my bub cammy. knows y. lol.  and todayy i had fun ....SAM...EMILY HAS A FRENCH FRY 2 NOW! lmfao lmfao lmfao.  ummmm i think i might actualy go 2 samo and not winward cuz winward only has like 7 openings for 200 people and stuff. so i might not get in... ; (... o well.  so im glad its friday, and i wanna do somethin on sunday! whose having a superbowl party!?!? lol. or i can jus go shopping or chill @ the jc. (jonathan club) maybe sum1 can cum 2. hmms . gots ta c.  im so happy valentines day is coming up! yayyy! im sending out like 20 candy grams. lol. u bttr send me one!! lol jp...


lots of people r  gettin rid of their lj's especially because no1 is  commenting and it gets boring...sooo...



COMMENT PLZ!....about whatever





itd b great if i finally knew how to post pix! ugh..lol.


x's and o's




aha...this is funnyy 2..
How to make a steph
5 parts friendliness
5 parts humour
3 parts leadership
Add to a cocktail shaker and mix vigorously. Serve with a slice of caring and a pinch of salt. Yum!
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09:07pm 28/01/2005
mood: i dno....LOL.

hey people..just updating againnnn cuz i havent for a couple dayyyzzzz....................ok so today i went to pe first period but ms hirt wuouldn't let me in the gym cuz my sweatshirt had pockets, but i didn't have my pe shirt under! and lots of people weren't allowed in b/c of certain reasons...and sadaf and eilla were one of 'em. and thank godddddd for eilla!!! she let me borrow her sweatshirt ..hheheh thank uuuuu. lol .<3.....anddd....then i walked to izzy's in the rain for yearbook and then aliyah and emily and some other ppl took all my candy..LOL. and so then i went to math and history...and in history me sam jessica and emily messed around and got on the sub's nerves (it was jeffries...!!! ;) ) anddd it was really funny cuz i was chewing gum, and jeffries saw and hes like " stephanie r u chewing gum!? throw it outt!!!!" and im like, no...im  not. and then sam and jessica were helping to prove that it was a mint..and i pretended to swallow the "mint"..but i really hid the gum in my mouth..lmfao......and dat wus funnyyy. and then i had an awesomeee lunchhh wit evrybody and...did this stupid ass analytical essay in english, but there was barely any fuckin info  to analyze..LOL.and das it...So, tomorrow im gonna go to my frienz bat mitzvah..and then do some stuff  and then sunday im going to the promenade wit aliyah saba danielle josh and zach and some other ppl...aliyahs planning it. Then, after im sleepin over @ aliyah's house...and dno wuts happenin monday. yup..thats my day! ill upd8 l8rrr..


C O M M E N     P L










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06:39pm 25/01/2005
mood: my bro & i r feelin silly lmao


very cuute. anywayyzzz...today wus great......ummmm didn't get detention in o'briens class!  ( but sam and i both know she luvz the boyz LOL sam) N E wayy....i  hope it doesn't rain! cuz  i was gonna go to da beach on sunday wit some people frm schooooooool!! but it'll probably b too cold. thank goodddd we get the day off on monday. yusssssss. maybe ill jus go to the promenade instead. anywayz i was searching some sites and found sum cuute pixx!!! take a look...AND COMMENT PLZ! lol..



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06:42pm 21/01/2005
mood: mellow..aww how cuute..

Livejournal Family!
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Dog bella_italiana_
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LMFAO LMFAO dont worry marika! i dont count u as a dog...LMFAO. and rach is my DAD. LOL. this is funnyy. funnyyy.

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anywayz, jus updating. good day @ school...well kinda. so much for tgif. i luved school until 5th period cuz i h8 ms o'brien! SHE GAVE ME DETENTION...DETENTION!!! that bitch. detention. ugh. me and sam......jus cuz i was asking sam a scientific question!! LMFAO *wink* ;) haha. wellz....i cant go to the promenade this weekend!! :( ...plus its my dad's b-day. maybe i can c a movie tho...hmm..gotta make plans...


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09:46pm 20/01/2005
  ok so i took a lot of quizzes and stuff and this is wut i gots:

Full Name
You Look... Amazing
Your Sex... Is your time to do your amazing orgasm acting
You like to... Be fucked analy
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k i dont like being fucked....wow..

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wow thats over the top 2..jeezes. looll!

What ranDOM movie quote are you? by merenwen_ruby
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hahaha!! funnny stuff

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How would you do on American Idol? by geela
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screw simon.
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08:11pm 20/01/2005
mood: happy, chipper..w/e
k i was bored so i copied rach. and saba and jus..well..asked evry1 out who was on...LMFAO...theres nothin bettr to say! damn..aww..w/e ill ask a new ? l8r molly..lol..

Palisurfgirl: yes u sexy beast

BuddhasGuitar: but we dont c each other that often

Sweet N Bicious: yess
Sweet N Bicious: lol

Oda66: what the fuck

MYWEINERD0ESTRIX: oh sweet jesus not again with the lj stuff..but sure!!

JiM CaReY LuVeR signed off at 8:07:35 PM.
<======> fuckers. LOL jp

pinkisforguys31 is away at 8:14:00 PM.

barbiebrunttesis: sure
barbiebrunttesis: stephanie

xPrEcIoUs lOvEox: lol ur doing saba's thing huh??
xPrEcIoUs lOvEox: and DUH of course YES

nickyeliafan: ...
nickyeliafan: k.....
nickyeliafan: ...

LuvMeDWayIHateU: sure
LuvMeDWayIHateU: when

LAballbaby34: wanna go out with me
SrfrLuver: funny
LAballbaby34: does that mean u dont??
SrfrLuver: i dont go out with girls

DPLAYA1783: stephanie..im basically like ur cuzin..

XxSurferGirlzxX: like how..

BaLLeriNaDnCr125: actually i dont fly that way lol\

BlackPooty3: sry

unexpectedkissxx: need a ? das more original. lol

RayraYtarr4U: wat?..niice

SRRY iDoNtGet IT: lol sure

yorkpattieintown: k
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06:12pm 20/01/2005
mood: exanimate?..w.e i like da pic!
hey peopls srry havent updated in a day or w.e.....ugh. sooo soo much hw b/c of no school on monday aah! lol. i want the weekend to cum! gots to go to the promenade again ppl! (same peeps as last weekend and morreeee!!!!) and aliyah cum on sat. nittee!! anywayyzzzzzzzz......umnmm...nm to say rite now i guess........hmm....MARIKEE TEACH ME HOW TO LOAD PIX PLZZ!!? lol. o and add me!!! lol..

x's and o's

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09:33am 18/01/2005
mood: uncomfortable-gotta hurry!
wow ok people im updating my journal and im in yearbook class!!!2nd period...wow ok i gotta hurry cuz if i get caught...whoo im in trouble..but there is nothing 2 do in yearbook right noww!!! ok first period was such a drag i h8 burack soo bad. me aliyah and marika were talking and burack's like, "k u girls aren't allowed to stand any closer than 5 feet away from each other.." or some crap like that. go figure...anywayyzzz....ummms...is any1 willing to tell me how to load pix onto an lj!?!?! lol...oo g2g b4 i get caught hehe luv u all... xoxo
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09:02pm 17/01/2005
mood: need 2 go 2 sleep now
hey people these r my results frm this quiz thing.....bt now im gonna go 2 bed lol nigggght. xoxo

What do people really think about you?
by Raven319
favorite song
Parents thinkYou work too hard
Strangers thinkYou're hot
Friends thinkYou need a fuck buddy
Quiz created with MemeGen!
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08:35am 17/01/2005
mood: we r crrrrraaaazzzzy
hey!updatttttttttting again...k so aliyah is here right now and we are having funnn. yesterday we went to molly's party and it was really cool..it was like a mini school dance!!! we danced A LOT , and my feet hurt REALLY bad. but its all good....uuuummm so then we went home w. molly's sister, and on the way to her car a couple of weird "gangster" people started following me aliyah and molly's sister, so we quickly got in the elevator and i literally closed it myself. it was creepy. so then aliyah and i got to my house, and did some stuff and went to sleep.......and then...we wke up and had breakfast and here we r!!! but we g2g now...we have places to go and people 2 c..ciau bella!!!! hehe.




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09:18am 16/01/2005
mood: amused
hey people umm today is sundayy...jus updatin'. 2nite im goin 2 molly's party im so xcited...then aliyah is cumin ovr 2 my house to have a sleepover..........and ya. does anybody know how to make a backround forr ur lj thats a pic.? like how do u put a backround (thats a pic.) for ur lj? plz leav a comment and tell me!...if u know lol haha. thxx


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08:40pm 15/01/2005
mood: happy
ok so thank you to the awsum rachel!!! i luv u. ok so now i have an lj. so cool. jus need to learn a few mor things about it. heheheh . ok so today i went to the promenade w. aliyah jane emily and marika....and we shopped till we dropped and picked out sum clothes and presents for molly's party.then we ran into rachel saba and mana...and sum other peeps. it was funn!! we need to go next weekend! hehe. ummmm....comment plz so i can c wut it is like!! and i dno a lot of pplz lj screenames, so comment so i can add u!!!!!!!

xoxoxoxo stephanie
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08:32pm 15/01/2005
mood: excited
testing testing 123
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