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ok well things hav been cool lately.

not using lj as much i gu ess. myspace isn't THAT good either n e more. i guess it still is....but yeah ummm

tonight im giong to my friends bat mitzvah...

and omg ive been acting since i was in 3rd grade and now im taking anew acting class and its REALLY good and in the same building im taking it is an agency, and la casting, and all that stuff. and so at the end of my session our teacher (whos been in like 100 commercials) brings in these really good agents and we perform little skits or w/e in front of them and they decide if they wanna represent us and stuff but a lot of the kids get agents at the end and then get in  commercials. so im like really excited cuz i mite b in a commercial in the future...and mayybe more who knoz lol.


k well things have been good and i really need to hang out with like everybody--sorry ppl who like wanted to hang this or last weekend...i was really busy!! lol

ok julie dana melissa and other people we WILL hang out soon dont wory lol

 love all u gys and more.


umm comment if ur reding this.


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