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hm well after palm springs i went skiing with my friend ryan :

and his dad and my dad.
we had funn.

then i went and chilled with some of my friends and now im in school and it sucks.

but yay the weekend is here. only one mroe day.

so shit is happeneing. good and bad. mostly good.

i love aliyah.
and cammy.
and sadaf.
and mikki.
and mel.
and ok about everyone.
and ummmmm i really wanna make taht video already u gys!

ok well sory i ddin't update.

for all u cool ppl that still use lj...

thats prolly jus me hannah and saba right?


oh and i have a new favorite song and movie.
movie = thee notebook
song= mr brightside

check out my cool myspace
but comment first.
mkay <3 again.
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