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yus a fun saturday night and sundayy.

heyyy ppl

OMG julies party was so fun. especially the freak trains. lmao kj jk
i lov u julie!! the cake and disco ball were awesome .lmfao

so i took a couple of pix from the party

and then i slept over with mikki m. and julie and then we skateboarded with julies new skateboard to josh's house and picked flowerz and made a poem up
hahahah mikki i told u id put it..all in detail ahah

ok this was it (with the flowers that mikki CRUSHED when we got to josh's house):

Your name is not moe
and your not a hoe
and we love u with r heart and SO..(ul)


so then we were gonna go swimming but it was cold so zach came over (the losers ..who ARE NOT cool haha JULZIES....AND MIXSKIS. LMAO) and those uncool ppl didnt hav n e more skateboards so then josh and zach set of some awesome fire crackers. and zack is pork and rice and a chicekn. o and beef too.
so then we all walked to jamba juice and sat down and go some smoothies and pirates booty lmao
and then walked back to julies and pigged some more out on chips and stuff. and that was my saturday night and sunday~~yayy!!!


aww u guys look so adorable
jess emily marika

and u
mika jamie talia

jamie ill take ANOTHER pic of u soon lol ahahahh o yes yes yes.

pix from the day:

mikki in the morning with the little bop it . hahah
omfg god mikki play that sutpid message one more time
"GOD DAMMIT MIKKI!!" LMAO. i guess it was kinda funny lmfao ok it was he sounded like he was in 4th grade tho!!! aww but would he like me and julie? cuz we were both wearing juicy jeans lmao

me on julziez new longboard

at joshs house.
that was josh on the chair before he fell down.
head first.

YUS!! JEWISH PPL REPRESENT!...sprite that is.

lol on the cheek thats ok lmfao
julie and me
o yah i got bangs. yess.

and this zach is the pic julie got before u slammed ur head down.
LMAO. yes. how funny

o god. the agents. o yes how hott.
lol here at jamba juiceeee.

ok i lov everyone and comment!!!
yes julie cant wait to c the ring 2 this friday awesome. who else is comin?

♥♥♥ok comment loverz. ♥ ♥ ♥
o and aww while i was out having fun my family was all crying...back in pennsylvania (where most of my moms family is) and here....my great uncle died a sad death aww. so unexpected i feel so bad..even tho i barely new him and stuff. but yah still comment lol
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