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hey people! k today is sunday and im updating...

so today i went to my friends bat mitzvah down in tustan..its like next to newport beach. it was soo cool.

and really fun.

lotsa dancing.....anywayz, julie wanted me to post some pixx..

so yesterday molly had slept over from friday, and then evan came over! i missed julz! lol..

we chilled at my pool and sauna and jacuzzi and....had funn!

and i pigged out on chips with my ms.priss evan..LOL.

k..some pix that i look TERRIBLE in


me and molly in the morning on the computerr

e to the van!

thats hot.
molly in the jacuz.

loll me and evan.

evan liftin weights in r lil gym thing LOL

moolay with her s to the prite. hahaahh


molly me and evan on starterupsteve.com watching some stupid but FUNNY video clip thing LOL

evan and her c to the hip.

my bro's --michael and anthony


here r some pix from when aliyah came over like 3 weeks agoo..but i never posted...lol these r some:

LOL. lil silly there....eeh i look bad..ONCE AGAIN. fuck this..lol jp

so cute! <33

LOL. aliyah loox cute.

kk those r it ill update later ..byee


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