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05:50pm 04/09/2005
  i haven't updated in this thing for a while.
it took me like 20 minutes to remember my password.
anyways um summer's almost over and its pretty damn sad.
but what's really sad is hurricane katrina.
i was just watching news about it.
its like really devastating
this apparently is the worse natural disaster ever.
buttt i hope things get better
today i ...well actually now we're having a bbq, tomororw im either chilling with jen or going to the summit club with some family friends then tuesday im g oing into ttown with jess jenna and jennifer...we might see veronica &&tasha. ok but umm
yeahh. going to my myspace now.
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04:47pm 22/06/2005
mood: mmm. sort of sad.

 I really am sad that school is ending.

When it comes down to it, im probably never going to c like half of all you guys ever again.


i mean thank good god that i can be out of that gay ass school ran by a lady with a stick up her ass but i mean i'm going to miss everybody oh so much.

only 1 more day of school, and it's a half day.

i'm dressing up kind of fancy for graduation but it sucks because it is going to be so damn hot.

But i cant wait and you all need to sign my yearbook and i love you.

very much.


am i like the only one who is sad about this..






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05:52pm 17/06/2005
  I just now made a myspace.
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braces off!   
05:02pm 08/06/2005
mood: weee

my brothers trying to act all tough..

main news...i got my braces off...

i think it looks kind of weird. i guess im not used to it.

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08:51pm 26/05/2005
mood: drunk.
only about 15 official more classes of school.......

then going to pali im so excited.......= )......

lincoln is gay.....

right now im packing for a vacation.....
leaving tomorrow....
wont be at school....

here are some random pictures because im probably going to get rid of this stupid lj so last time im putting pictures up....i think....

oh can u say pimp....ok no.

i found this pic that i had in my file too! ur so cute in this one too!

those were basically all the pictures in my file. i dont have many in it right now.....

uh comment..
i think i love you..
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04:35pm 18/05/2005
mood: flirtacious?

0nly 28 more fuckin days...yesssssss











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10:55am 09/05/2005
mood: oh so sick....eeh...= /

well right now everybody is at school taking the stanford 9's and i am home sick. jolly gee. umm its raining and my throat and neck hurtz and i was sick allll weekend!! i was just laying in b3d. not fun fun. lol. welllllll i dont feel like makin a new myspace...i dont wanna get in t-ruble. ah im like really cold...and hot at the smae time. i hate being sick. i wo nder when im gonna make up my stanford  9's . i hope its during PE..i really hate p.e. . uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhh.........everythin else is cool. tryin to do hw that i dont understand. cnat really move my neck..its huRts. mmhmm. right now im watching tv and its hu rting my brain. and this weekend i think im going to san diego for my cousins grad. from highschool. but then if i do im gonna miss faculty follies, my acting classs on sat., this party thing at my temple sunday morning, shopping with jamie and some other ppl on rodeo drive.....and ahh that sucks. but if i dont go my sisters will be really upset they really want me to come. ahh the pressures from a kid.......ok welllll i think im gonna try to fall asleep so maybe ill get betteR and come to school tomorrow cuz i dont wanna miss another day...too much hw missed!!!! uuh well i shall talk to you l8R. comment if your cool.







x0x0x0x. --steph.



p.s. ashley !! friday night was soooooo fun! house of wax..ah! well next time we're at a scary movie maybe u should go ou t because u were soo scared...LMAO jkjkjkjkjkjkjk... i think that was me. lol. well sorry i was sick we shall hang out this friday if i dont go to san diego!



much love to all..

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09:27am 30/04/2005
mood: bored.

things have been happening lately. most has been good....uhh the district is lik deleting everyones myspace it kinda sux.....

maybe yourvoid.com is the next myspace thing.........its just like myspace. except i guess a lil better cuz u dont hav to lie about ur age. um well livejournal ......i forgot all about it hahahahah it is boring   like no one comments. sooooooooo......



prettty much every thing is going well i cant wait to get out of lincoln and go to pali.

a lot of my friends r gonna go 2 pali. itll b tight.




comment if u want.


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01:20pm 17/04/2005
mood: cant wait for the bat mitzvah

ok well things hav been cool lately.

not using lj as much i gu ess. myspace isn't THAT good either n e more. i guess it still is....but yeah ummm

tonight im giong to my friends bat mitzvah...

and omg ive been acting since i was in 3rd grade and now im taking anew acting class and its REALLY good and in the same building im taking it is an agency, and la casting, and all that stuff. and so at the end of my session our teacher (whos been in like 100 commercials) brings in these really good agents and we perform little skits or w/e in front of them and they decide if they wanna represent us and stuff but a lot of the kids get agents at the end and then get in  commercials. so im like really excited cuz i mite b in a commercial in the future...and mayybe more who knoz lol.


k well things have been good and i really need to hang out with like everybody--sorry ppl who like wanted to hang this or last weekend...i was really busy!! lol

ok julie dana melissa and other people we WILL hang out soon dont wory lol

 love all u gys and more.


umm comment if ur reding this.


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06:52pm 07/04/2005
mood: mwah.
hm well after palm springs i went skiing with my friend ryan :

and his dad and my dad.
we had funn.

then i went and chilled with some of my friends and now im in school and it sucks.

but yay the weekend is here. only one mroe day.

so shit is happeneing. good and bad. mostly good.

i love aliyah.
and cammy.
and sadaf.
and mikki.
and mel.
and ok about everyone.
and ummmmm i really wanna make taht video already u gys!

ok well sory i ddin't update.

for all u cool ppl that still use lj...

thats prolly jus me hannah and saba right?


oh and i have a new favorite song and movie.
movie = thee notebook
song= mr brightside

check out my cool myspace
but comment first.
mkay <3 again.
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09:52pm 28/03/2005
mood: tired. good day/weekend

about 2 hours ago i got back from palm springs....or palm desert.....i dno which one but we were there lol.
i had sooo much fun
i got a little tan...
but u can barely c it.
even tho i was in the sun for like a bazilion hours.
well n e wayz i went on a waterslide with my little brother...uhm there was a litle easter egg hunt we did..i skateboarded , pooled, jacuzied, watched the grudge....and had a hell of a lot of fun.
heres a few pictures.

ugh i look fuckin fat in all of these fuckin pictures.
ugh ugh uggghglajl;kjdl;

ok well it was reallyl fun and like a LOT of people are going or went to palm springs this spring break. a lot. ok well i guess i dont update as much cuz i lov myspace.
bt i still will cause im cool.
this week is going to b soo fun. wed. im getting together with my best friend jamie, thursday im chilling with my neighbor, thursday night im going over to my dad's hoyuse, friday im going skiing with my dad, my dad's best friend, me , and my 'cousin' ryan, saturday im having a sleepover with mel, and sun. saba jamie b., danielle, and kenna mite come over. yussss.

can't wait!
so ill talk to u ppl later.

<3 always.
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08:10pm 23/03/2005
mood: jus made a cute..? myspace
i spent my wonderful wednesday with the following cool ppl.
we watched a night at the roxbury which was fukin hilarious
and chilled , playyed volleyball..mini waterfight, lots of laughs, our own creation, etc.
lotsa fun...

i dno wtf i was doin.
o yes me helena and danielle were like eating sprinkles.

now the fun starts...clickkkCollapse )
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09:46pm 18/03/2005
mood: awesome. had loads of funnnn.

What an awesome dayyyy



ok so wednesday nite i went and saw an alicia keys concert and it was awesome and there i was TOM CRUISE! so friggen hott. in the car.. the kodak theatre. yess. i had so much fun alicia keys rox.


but today is friday and i did a  lot of stuff...


After School i went to julie b.'s housse and we chilled for a little while. thne because we're so cool we skated up to noahs and brought back food then skated around lincoln and in llincoln...and this was all like in the rain. so then we came home and we to the promenade and saw the ring 2 with a bunch of ppl it was friggen scary. we saw alona and mel and some other ppl there....who watched the movie b4 us. me and julie met up with jessica, jane, saba, danielle, marika, JM, zach, mandy, kendall, josh, n rachel . the ring 2 was SO SCARY! especially that girl. we all had r own little way so that we wouldn't get scared. julie was studying pplz noses LMFAO..jess would jus act like she was high (lmao jk jk jk) but jus like laugh really hard when she was scared, id hide like beneath my hair and sing a song to myself, and like literlly break mandy and marika's arms (sorry gys lov u lol) and to comfrot marika id tell her like these jokes. hahah...n rachael and danielle would jus like laugh at these stupid parts it was hilarious the whole theatre was laughing. danielle...hahah yelled out, "yeah pull down ur pants" or somethin like that when the boy said to the doctor that he needed to show her something . well then we left n i went back to julies house and at like some cake...n then my parents came.

hahah funny times.

well i had fun but i forgot my camera so i dont have pix.


but it ws soooooooooooooooooooooooo much fun.

i love u guys.

we must all chill at my house during spring break. o yes.


comment <3

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yus a fun saturday night and sundayy.   
05:16pm 13/03/2005
mood: cool/fun/relaxed/tired
heyyy ppl

OMG julies party was so fun. especially the freak trains. lmao kj jk
i lov u julie!! the cake and disco ball were awesome .lmfao

so i took a couple of pix from the party

and then i slept over with mikki m. and julie and then we skateboarded with julies new skateboard to josh's house and picked flowerz and made a poem up
hahahah mikki i told u id put it..all in detail ahah

ok this was it (with the flowers that mikki CRUSHED when we got to josh's house):

Your name is not moe
and your not a hoe
and we love u with r heart and SO..(ul)


so then we were gonna go swimming but it was cold so zach came over (the losers ..who ARE NOT cool haha JULZIES....AND MIXSKIS. LMAO) and those uncool ppl didnt hav n e more skateboards so then josh and zach set of some awesome fire crackers. and zack is pork and rice and a chicekn. o and beef too.
so then we all walked to jamba juice and sat down and go some smoothies and pirates booty lmao
and then walked back to julies and pigged some more out on chips and stuff. and that was my saturday night and sunday~~yayy!!!


aww u guys look so adorable
jess emily marika

and u
mika jamie talia

jamie ill take ANOTHER pic of u soon lol ahahahh o yes yes yes.

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06:08pm 08/03/2005
mood: umm...dno .
ok so i haven't updated in a while.
take a look at the entry below this..
and c and comment which no. u r if ur on there.

mm...so here r some random pix.
if ur not on here i dont hang with u.
or...i just forgot your pic.. but i still love you.

i took some other ones today

an old pic i lov.

something funny just happened so i looked the other way.
hahah sxy pen**..like WOAH.

hahaha saba that was funny lol
ok so very cute saba and danielle

cmon...smileCollapse )
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08:41pm 25/02/2005
mood: museeeek mood. lol.

hey ppl...updating..n e wayz right now theres nothing to do...

so if comment telling me which number u think u r below!

if ur not on here, either ur not important....

or i just forgot...wooops.........                   

guess who u r:

1) u were my best friend in elementary and still r! u moved to malibu and i still havne't seen ur house, so we got to get together soon!! mm...u have light blonde kind of brownish hair, and a cute little sister! lol

2) ur my bub!! what else is there to say? LOL. shit shoe!!

3) k ive known u since the beginning of last year...and ur really fun.......hey..nm! its all the rage. hahah. umm...u streaked my hair hot pink b4 the halloween carnival when i was @ ur house....and..u r a great person to talk to! luv u

4) my homebase buddy!! LOL. omg u r soo funny to talk too!! i met u in 6th grade, and hav stayed friends with u since.......bitch nulty doesn't see us talking to eachother ....and we laugh silently but im like always ready to burst. ur soooooooo pretty!!....and ..we both get anooyyed by the same person! LOL. umm......ur obsessed with steven from laguna beach, and we're always the only ones singing to come clean during it! LMAO

5) u make my beddrock....and fail with flying colors! hahaah. i laughed both those times lol. ok i met u this year and im soo happy cuz ur very cool and i <3 u! ok umm i also stepped and like sunk in mud while u and somebody else were talking and i was saying goodbye to u guys and walking backwards,,,,"shitshoe!"

6) hahaha ur my dumb lil pen**!!! er no wait, I AM actually ur dumb lil pen**. LOL. like...WOAH!!!!!!!!! WOAH!!!...LMAOOOOO...but we're still f.b's for life babe!!! lol ......o yea, "hey steph, so ur gonna meet r mayor , arnold schwartzenegger?"..hun thats r vice president. LMFAO.  o and ur also the one thats cursed with sickness everytime we wanna get together!! LOL <3

7)  lmfao we have r ups and downs, and r blonde moments..........but thats ok. LOL....hey arnold SNORTzenegger...o and seeing joe with big glasses for the eye sight testing...hahah...SNORT... lmfao lmfoa lmfao. ok ur blonde, and i met u last year, but became good firenz with u this year.......we've both watched the exorcist and the sixth sense at my house!! scarrrry stuff..

8) aah!! i <3 u~ lol...i became really good friends with u this year........ ur soo fun to shop with and u have the sxiest sn: sweetnbicious!!!!

9)  loser lard.........and now a triple L lard

10)  i met u and became friends with u this year and ur o so cool. u do gymnastics, and r probably really good! and when my neightbor came in in my b-day u thought he was hott. LOL. <3

11) ok u r like one of the most trust worthy ppl i know!! ur on video yearbook, i just met u this year, and u have greattt advice...i feel like i can tell u n e thing!! we wanna get together and go shopppppppping!!! b/c last time we ended up not meeting up with eachoher! and last weekend cuz of my stupid mom : { ...but we will soon!!!xoxo

12)  omgg i luv uu!!!! i became good friends with u in the beginning of last year, and it turned out my dad was ur old dentist!!! LOL....and then i recommended u that book with the really horny title, but its good, isn't it!? lmfao!!! since we've known eachother we've been to all of eachothers b-day parties...and at mine we both couldn't stand to watch the exorcist!!! u read, and i screamed. lmfao. i like ur idea of reading better. hhaaha

13) we dont say hey when we im....its..OY!!! lmfao

14) my gangster twinizzle!!!! dads we need to sue, what if moms, annoying siblings...o jesus. LOL.  ok umm.......WE DID NOT TAKE ANY CANS!!!! ; )  ahahah  .i think ive known u since the sixth grade or seventh.......kk byeizzle. hah. made that word gangster..huh?? w/ the izzle!! lmao

15) k ur number 14's best friend.....ive known u since 6th grade ( we had science together ) .......and , ur really cool hahahaha.  all the convo's on the phone were so damn funny. ...o yea, brennan sux. ok kno who u r? lol

16) umm i dont know u THAT well, and id lik to get to kno u better, but we talk online a lot. ur really quiet in skcool i think, and i barely get to c u in school.:( lol..  mm......u have like thee cutest sn ever...with precious love in it...and i <33333 it. i need a cute sn!  i told u about my bro.'s little lover 2...lmao

17) omggg i <3 u soo much...DO U HAVE A DICKIE?!!?!?! LMFAO ....good times. ok we got hit by 2 CARS, and we make THEE BEST cookies EVER.......................and we're exc ellent at taking pix no duh. LOL. hahah i beat u in monopoly and life hahaha...I LOVE U MS PRISS!! LMFAO...--ms.preppy

18)  mmm i new u last year, but got to b friends with u this year. everytime we say lmfao we think of mayo...er at least i do now. lol. ok its ADVICE of the day (lol) dont pee in the wind/ lmao. u hang out with danielle, kenna, and sometimes us, and sometimes melissa and natlie...lol etc.

19)  ok i became friends with u around feb., and i knew u a little last year..i think... ur really sweet . lol.  at rainy days when all the classes r in the gym, we play pass the volleyball and jumprobe with eilla raella and some other people....ur sn is WJETS. ..very cool.

20) i just met u this year but ur really cool and i <3 u.  i love ur everybody loves an irish girl shirt, too. i was on ur volleyball team in 6th grade ...and i sucked. lol. u hav brunette hair , and ur sn has the word mikki mouse in it. x's and o's

21) ive known u since last year and u r so cool and funny. u hang out with melody camellia and mikki, and like always wear ur hair up. ur sn is very creative, too!!!...hahaha luvmedawayihateu. o and we went through a whole scenario at victorias secrets. hahah .  5 for 20!! lmfao lmfao lmfao. o boy that was weird..<33

22) ok well ive known u since 6th grade--u and reem were like one of my first friends.  weve had so manny funny memories in pe, like aliyah tripping over me, the whale in the pool, ms burack in general, running....all that shit in pe lol.  lol it was fun shoppin with u for rachael's bar mitzvah in that expensive store...with the 600 dollar fluffy dresses. LOL.

23)  ivek nown u since 6th grade, and u were a michael j fox freak, and i was an avril freak!! LOL. now u like the beatles a lot. lol.   and when i came over to ur house a while ago au gave me really awesome stickers for my helmet. lol

24)  ive known u since last year , and ur very cool. u like paul mccartney, and i do a lil too lol. umml.........n e time i dont get hw u help me, and well...it really helps!! lol thx!

25) o boy o boy, r lil valentines prank didn't work!!! LOL.  ok so since we're weren't going to do it on sam, we were gonna do it on liz...did u eveR?? aww well, anywayz lol...ugh ur so friggen lucky u know one of the hottest guys in the world!!! as****!! hhaah i didn't say the name lol. o and u listened to my terrible rapping. LOL. <3

26) ok i just met u this year, and ur in my yearbook class..........we're short....but ryan's shorter. LOL. he thinks he's so tall and mighty aha. ur always wearing the most creative outfit, and ur 'chanel' glasses r sooooooo cute. lol....and im glad were friends.  <3

27)   u r good friends with number 16. lol...hHAAH....n e wayz, i talk to u online lots too, and ur so cool. i'm jealous of ur icon (the candy shop one with da lollipop--LOL) and u love elmo and teddy bears...i helped try to put a  teddy bear in the backround of ur lj lool! ..ur a "shiningstarfvr" hahahahahah ........k ,,,, u know hoo u r????? LOL. xoxoxo

28)u hit me on the head. and i hav to hit u 2..lol 

29) u r in my PE class, r a great helper with friends  ( lol..) and give me red hot gum!! yussss...."o i dont have n e more..." me: haha..ya u do...what happened to, " i chew 5 pieces a day"...???! LOL

30) ok u r very nice and i think ive known u  since 6th grade....o yea, i haave lool. uve been in my PE class last year and this year, and im not sure about 6th grade. ill pass by you by ms.kramer's room everyday b.c ur her ta. <3

31) i think i have known u just about as long as 23, with the same exact pe situation. i luved the candy cane u gave me for chirstmas (great tasting) haha.....uve been on aim with me talkin to u when i got high off a brownie..hahahaha...%$^&^%!! lol. anddd its sooo funnnyy watchin numbers 22 and 23 get mad at u in PE. ( im not the best at pe either  ..hahaha). ur sn is princessdrulez

32) we both get r little blonde moments and outbursts...hahahahahahha.....and ur soo funny online!!! ---but ur barely on!!!! : [ ...lol jk jk jk, well, ur lj sn thing is princesshalle13, or something like that, and in 6th grade i was on ur volleyball team, too.

33) U GIVE ALL US BLONDES A BAD NAME...lol. ok u know what? NO....n e wayz,  i still help u with hw...and u stil help me...lol....hopefuly!! hahahahah u still NEVER gave me a valentines, hah, and i gave u the candy hearts, she'sh!! lol jp...ya ok and umm...we both went to fbs together, and know jenna gurvis too....I hope u can figure out who u r based on ALL the clues i gave u...! *cough blonde lol jk jk jk jk jk...u.??????

34)  hahah o boy so much to say heer lol. well, i met u in acting class in thee palisades at the church place where ur mom worx. it was very funny watchin u become like one of those wild 6th graders who we acted with. haha trying to get u off being high was hard lmfao lmfao. then, one day we stupidly were kickin eachothes chairs while were still IN IT (how bright........now we were gettin 6th grade brains..hahah) and i tipped over and fell...ouccchh. ok well i got a concusion for like 1 second,, but still. LOL. ok so now that thats ove,r we still talk online, and i jus saw u at save on the other day, and ur new hairstyle is soo incredibly cute. lol. lov u!

35) at halloween i think u dressed as a barbie and it was funy and cute lol. we have english together, too.  at nutrition i always take one of ur fries (sorry) lol, and..............I HAVE GOTTEN A GUIDED STUDY...in 6th grade. i dno if i told u when u asked lol. and...ur lj name thing is dyingoflaughter..<3

36) ok umm i met u this year, and ur awesome. i <3 the little ring and bracelet thing for the x-mas present  lol. ur in yearbook with me. u got a cool sn: the shout and wisper one, but then go bakc to ur old luckysurfer one becuz u jus decided that it was emo. LMAO. hhaah ahok then <3

37) hah we both have pe the same period jus different teachers, and aliyahs a lesbo (haha jk) LMFAO. ok so i have known u this year, and a little last year, but we're friends this year. we want to NOT push aliyah into sha**** .hahahaha..but someone else...( i pushed her into kevin lol im good..but she got pisse dhahahahahaah). ok so we should also mess her hair up...yes yes yes. hahahah. well, we'll talk about it in pe lol...mm...ur lj is muffinchic.........and ..yea. lol <33

38) hah hello my nextdoor neighbor perv lol..it is sooo funnyy when evan came over and we were banging on the wall.  hahahaah. well next time ur mom's gone, b prepared for some ding dong DITCH . lol whooooops did i just say that ? haha. o gimme the keys to ur car. ur only 16......not old enough. im 14 and can drive better than u!! lmfao lmfoa...u should know who u r!! o yea, and i also ALWAYS CREAMED u in monopoly. and i bet i still would. lmfao

39) k well ur in my yearbook class also, lol.. and ive known u since preschool.  u hang with jen, jess. , and mika and mara and some other ppl and...u  ur sn has the wrd ballerina in it.

40) k wumm...... u hang with julie and melissa, and u have a crab!!...? lmfao...u hav really pretty eyes, and your sn is redhotferrari7. very hot indeed. and u lived in the palisades for 8 years...and next time u shop there gimme a call. lol

41)  ive known u since last year and we've been freinds since. i gave u the cards where i got my hair straighteened cuz u want ursz done.  ur sn is trublond627...i lov u!!!.

42)  is s/he ___? YUP....what about____? YUP!!! lol!!!  haha k ive known u since 6th grade, but friends with u this year.  u r in my science, homebase, history and english class.....and we got deetention for talking in h.b. once.  ..YUP.  ur still in process of trying to understand the gibberish i taught u....but 4 now ill stick to tellin u on ppr. hahahahaha

43)omg...MY BESTEST FWEND FU** BUDDY!!..the girl who steels my lunches!...or used to. now i take urs. lol. xoxo i think u can pretty much guess who u r now. lol!

44) bling bling!!! LOL. ok i was in ur PE class last year, and not dis year  : ( lol. we usually hav r bling bling on 2 lol. i c  u in dat bathroom like almost every day too hahahah need to prep rselves up. hahahah

45) ive been freidns with u since last year, but u dont go to lincoln n e more.  now u go 2 st . matthews, but we still talk online . ur on a softball team with my best friend Jamie, and u have like 4 sn's.....? lollol

i tried to put most of my friends who had lj's.. sorry if i forgot u... comment even if ur not on heree and ill add u if u want me too.. if ur not already on. lol xoxoxo

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todayy evan came over!! fun fun fun. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmyaya   
07:31pm 21/02/2005
mood: cool.
ok so yesterday i met up with evan at westide pavillion and we went shopppping. then my mom went to trader joes really fast and me and evan stayed in the car and ti was REALLY freaky because 2 ppl bumped into us~it was raining, tho. my mom ran into t.j.'s and then evan and i were talking and takin pix, and then the car started shaking ...we turned around and this old man in a small lexus had bashed into my dad's bmw!!!!! so then he just kept on goingg, and we looked at the scratch he made and it was big. THEN, about 4 min.'s later, ANOTHER FUCKING old japanese with big ass eyes--one swolen shut..eiw..-- guy bumped into us. but, he stopped. he got out of his car and came to me (i just got out ) and he looked at the damage he did and was all like, "zeees is oooook , right?" (he talked w. an accent kinda)..and im thinking well...i mean wut am i supposed to say, no???...so then me and evan were like screaming over and over, "paper, PAPER!" we wanted to get his license plate number and we did. turns out the guy had bumped into another person b4 us, because before he went away, the other person he hit came out yhelling at him...it was SOO funny, yet SOO scary. EVAN WE'RE PRESSING CHARGES MONDAY...HAHAHAHAHA LMFAO LMFAO LMFAO LMFAOOO..and on the back of my dad's valentines card! hahahahah,and it was ESPECIALLY funny, because this whole damn time i was accidentally stepping on evan's new pink uggs. i <3 her. hahaah ok so then, evan came home with us and we played a game and hung out ...then we got all dressed up and went out to dinnner. we came home and watched 10 reasons not to day u , with julia stiles, and evan fell asleep in the middle lol. but then so did i. it was like 11 30 and we were both reallyyy tired. then we jus hung out and had fun in the morning and ate LOTS of cookies and junk food. howw fun. but now im fat. ugh. LOL jk jk, ok soooo,,,,here r some pix!

ok u can't really c this one, but its cool. we were in the dressing room. haha

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03:48pm 18/02/2005
mood: anxious for ze weekend to come

hey hey hey everyone...sorry i haven't updated in a week.

mmmm busybusybusy.

ugh one of my "friends" is being an asshole to me for no reason. and i dno y. and its sad..



ne wayz, omg valentines day was so much fun! i <3d it! even tho i like got fat from eatin too much candy ( hah jk ) i had fun. i got lots of kisses 2~chocolate and ones on the cheek. lol. even tho it was sticky, it was still fun!! LOL. emily we gotta hav those love dayz! HAHAH. mmmm so im vury happy its a 3-day weekend. ok so right now im chillin with my friend,  and tomorrow im jus gonna run some errands and buy a few things that i need and want...well, mostly want. lollll   and then saturday night i dno if im having a sleepover at aliyah's house or not...and then on sunday i might hang out with jessica and emily or/and julie (and take that damn awesome pic. for the yearbook!! haah) and then on monday im gonna go over to my best friend, (jamie's) house in malibu and chill by her pool and ya. fun fun fun. mmm this weeekends gonna go by too fast! lol.  welllllllllllllllllllllllllll.........thats it.


<3 alwayz

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08:07pm 13/02/2005
mood: amused..
hey people! k today is sunday and im updating...

so today i went to my friends bat mitzvah down in tustan..its like next to newport beach. it was soo cool.

and really fun.

lotsa dancing.....anywayz, julie wanted me to post some pixx..

so yesterday molly had slept over from friday, and then evan came over! i missed julz! lol..

we chilled at my pool and sauna and jacuzzi and....had funn!

and i pigged out on chips with my ms.priss evan..LOL.

k..some pix that i look TERRIBLE in

pix @ my house with e to the van and molly! lolCollapse )
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04:27pm 11/02/2005
mood: we're crazzzyyy!! lol
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